Week 37: Schedule

Sun 13th Sep 2015 - 6:43pm Gaming


The kickoff at the ESEA League went pretty good honestly.
Crushed is the first name, both de_dust2 games secured.
We are currently on the Madzone-Plow gameplay, non respect mode.
And we are looking forward to the upcoming games on de_train, de_mirage & de_cbble.
Also on Tuesday we got our first game at ESL League.
We are currently struggling to fit in both esea & esl schedules.
That were the main reason why we had to let go of cevo league.
Since we didn't think it was taken to seriously & it had really bad schedules for us.
So the upcoming week will look like this:
* Monday - Tactical / Pracc
* Tuesday - ESL League kickoff (bo3 veto) versus "Juholtneverecos" (SE)
* Wednesday - ESEA League S20 Match 3 versus "Heaven is Now" (UK)
* Thursday - Tactical / Pracc
* Friday - Party Party
* Saturday - Party Party
* Sunday - ESL Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #163 / ESEA League S20 Match 4 versus "Aposis white" (NO)
You can find the League schedules & info here:
Upcoming Matches:
ESL 15 Sep 2015 vs. Juholtneverecos (bo3, veto)
ESEA 21 Sep 2015 vs. Rise Of Alpacas (bo1, de_mirage)
ESL 22 Sep 2015 vs. Enemy Intel.Enemy Intelligence (bo3, veto)
ESEA 24 Sep 2015 vs. djubb (bo1, de_mirage)
ESEA 28 Sep 2015 vs. AEFY esc (bo1, de_cbble)
ESL 29 Sep 2015 vs. Team-SpectreCSGO.Spectre (bo3, veto)
ESEA 01 Sep 2015 vs. badger-eSports (bo1, de_cbble)
ESL 06 Oct 2015 vs. GÄVLIGT KASSA (bo3, veto)
ESL 13 Oct 2015 vs. Golden Vipers SWE (bo3, veto)
Finished Games:
ESEA 16-7 vs Triggah Happy Bunnies (de_dust2)
ESEA 16-7 vs En Tec (de_dust2)


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tiaz (Admin)

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