Swedish Squad

Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm General

We proudly present the new freshly Madzone lineup.

It's a complete full swedish team, last time it was probably back in 2011 we had a full swedish team.

We hope to attend alot of Lan tournaments across swedish soil.

For now we are currently aiming at:

- Dreamhack Winter -15

- Rendevouz -16

- Hazard Lan -16

- Birdie -16


Hoplefully our partners will support us as always & we will take our place on the cs:go scene.

Esea league, esl league, esl cups & cevo league will also be taken serious.

We till try to keep up the scrims everyday & get to know each other more and more.




We are also searching for new partners and sponsors to back us up on the tournaments.

And we will also use our new clothing from

The new madzone lineup:

- tiaz

- foolie

- Sean-T

- krillz

- Gawzz

tiaz (Admin)

tiaz (Admin)

Matthias AB

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