Essential Study Skills - What Are They?

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 11:31am
    School curriculums tend to be jam-packed with content. The Longevity Blueprint There are English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities subjects and a whole range of other disciplines and sub-disciplines all with their own course content that needs to be taught. Unfortunately, there is only a limited time to do so. Perhaps it also unfortunate that schools remain such busy, content-oriented places. Very few schools offer courses in study skills. There is no 'Study Skills Handbook' on the book list. There is no room for such a course because in most jurisdictions the mandated curriculum tends to be focused on teaching the content necessary if a student is to pass an exam so they can proceed to the next stage of learning where they will also be required to learn content so they can pass an exam! Yet to pass those exams, surely students need to know how to study! School study skills are imperative. Experience shows that those students who do succeed at school have a range of skills that we can collectively call 'study skills'. But what are these essential study skills Students need to have a positive attitude to classroom learning and home study if they are to achieve. Students with self-belief and motivation have a desire to learn and to do their best at school.
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