How Your Subconscious Controls Your Success!

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 5:35am
    Why is there so much emphasis on the importance SUnlocking Transcendence of subconscious programming Please understand that our most important basic things, we do day in day out, which we take for granted, are subconscious behaviour that either enriches or impoverish our lives. Here is a small example that we take for granted, and are unconscious of, is when you desire to put the light on, that desire leads you to flick the switch while you are unconsciously, or unthinkingly, took for granted when you put on the light. Your automated behaviour guides you to act in certain way without even thinking about the flickering gesture, or the switch itself, and somehow, your belief that by flicking the switch will put on the light, so both desire and belief to have some light are also subconscious phenomena before you have actually reached the switch. These two psychological components require having a mental image or as The British Philosopher, David Hume puts it 'conceiving the ideas according to the proposition'. In philosophy, the two psychological components, 'Desire/Belief 'are called propositional attitudes. If I say to you, 'there is a pink elephant', you immediately form a picture of an elephant and the colour pink, not the words I uttered.

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