The Secret Prayer That Renews You

  • Sat 23rd Mar 2019 - 4:26am
    Avoid revenge: We realize it may sometimes seem Individualogist Review easier to use an aggressive warrior approach with the jerks of the world, but since you don't want to create negative karma, you'll be better off playing the adult role and simply allowing them to act like children. Our findings firmly show karma exists, so even if they don't get caught, they will get what's coming to them eventually, most likely in a future life. You don't want to have to incarnate again with this person, do you? The power of simply being aware of the different transits in life will make for an easier time. Spirit asks that you start to pay more attention to the variety of thoughts that prance through your mind. Discard all the worries and negativity, for they will only hinder your goals. Instead, dream big! Dream of your view of what a perfect day would be like, then adjoin it to what a perfect month and year will bring you. When we are aware of our own needs, it becomes easier to take the necessary steps to get there. Some of you may feel as though you are being selfish if we tell you to put your needs above all others. In truth, you would be partially right. In so much as the purpose of this message, you would be wrong. We are trying mightily to get you to embrace the notion that you must take action to be rewarded with the promise of contentment that you deserve. Spirit wants you to be emboldened by your array of potential, as well as potential magnificence. Society comes together when acts of harmony unite your thoughts. Consider yourself a single petal in the Garden of Eden. By yourself, you may think you are insignificant. Added with other insignificant petals, a flower will be born. Ultimately, the meadow will be full of verdant imagery. Streams of vibrant colors will dance in the gentle zephyrs, nudged by the hand that created this powerful and beautiful communion of souls.

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