Are You Afraid to Live Your Life Purpose? What's That About? An Action Plan

  • Sat 23rd Mar 2019 - 4:47am
    The most practical explanation of accomplishing this is in real Speak and Inspire Review estate. You obtain a property. You rent it out. Each month someone else pays you rent ... and you pay the mortgage. They are buying you a home that will appreciate in value. You are using their money to buy you a property. A small amount of money on your part controls a large amount of property. That's Leverage! That's Leverage by using other people's money. Another form of Leverage is using other people's knowledge. The hit TV show ...The Apprentice ... deals with this. Hundreds of thousands of people try out and audition for this show. Most of the finalists left high paying positions and risked it all to get a chance to work for Donald Trump. They realized that by having him as a mentor and as a key contact ... and working with him for one year, they could acquire and leverage his knowledge and use it for the rest of their lives.We all need to learn how to live a leveraged life through Life Training! We will move mountains! We will move the world! 1200 years before Christ was born...a man named Archimedes said, "Give me a lever long enough...and a place to stand, and I will move the world."If you want to be a world mover...a world have to understand... and utilize "Leverage." You can learn through Life Training.Leverage is a process that allows you to move a maximum exerting a minimal force. Let's go back to basic science. Since I can't draw you a physical picture to illustrate this, I'll paint you a word picture. An object called a fulcrum acts as a sort of base or foundation. Something called a lever...or a long flat plane is placed on top of looks kind of like a seesaw with one end longer than the other. Then, the difficult to move object is slid onto the short end of the lever. Pressure is applied to the other, longer end to lift and move the object.

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