Half Eye Glasses Bring More Convenience

  • Mon 25th Mar 2019 - 4:33am
    So get out you fishing gear and your garden tools as they Vision RX will help you get what you are going to need. Your fruits, your vegetables and your fatty fish may prevent this from happening. While your aging is the most likely culprit behind your cataracts, heredity also plays a role. Black people have a higher risk of this disease that white people. Other problems may be some of your medications and other eye conditions or a life time of sun exposure just may cause cataracts. And please let us not forget the eye problems caused by your smoking and poor nutrition. But there is a protector out there and it is your nutrients. Fortunately for you, these nutrients in certain foods help to protect your eyes from an array of assailants..Some of your nutrients may throw up a natural sunscreen while others fight the damaging molecules that you know as free radicals. And some of your nutrients lower your blood sugar levels which also help your eyes. I bet you had no idea that you had this team of nutrients fighting for you every minute of every day, that is, if you eat the proper diet, do you? Your diet should consist of fatty fish (as in salmon), vegetables (5 to 6 - half cup daily servings) and fruits (3-4 half cup daily servings). But there is an easier way to ensure the proper amounts that is nutritional supplements (you require omegas 3 &6, vitamins E, C, and a mix of antioxidants). The easiest way here is a multivitamin - always consult your doctor for proper doses and at any time you make significant diet changes. And as always you must eat well to live well. It is highly possible that from the time you were a child, your parents kept telling you to eat your vegetables and read with a bright light so as to protect your eyes from harm. Well, at this time in your life, this warning has not changed. Yes, you do need to continue to protect you eyes so that you will be able to use them properly as you continue to enjoy life. Some of the things that you can do to care for your eyes are: When you are looking at a television program, or reading a book, or cooking in the kitchen, or whatever you are doing, if there is not enough natural light in the room, always put on a bulb.
  • Mon 15th Apr 2019 - 3:35pm
    If you have a pdf file which is password protected then worry not as just upload it to It can unlock it for you and you can have access to all the information.

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