Borderline Personality Disorder - A Closer Look

  • Mon 15th Apr 2019 - 12:09pm
    For some, this sense of loss leads to despair, Brain Plus Review and despair leads to depression. After all, having worked so hard all their lives to create stability and wealth, what is left for these first generation migrants when they retire The need to plan for this difficult period in their lives is both an individual and state level responsibility. As further articles in this series will show, there are currently too many barriers between Asian's with mental health problems, and services who may be able to support them with their needs. Mental health needs are not generally recognised or acknowledged within Asian communities living in Great Britain. I know this is a contentious statement, and perhaps a gross generalisation. However, one cannot deny that when depression or anxiety is talked about with first generation Asian migrants, a look of bewilderment fills their faces. 'What is there to be depressed about ' is often the question asked. 'What is this depression anyway we never heard of it back home' is often the followup remark. Then it develops into an analysis of the fact that the community now has nice homes, good food to enjoy and adequate means of transport how then can anyone feel depressed Perhaps it's something to do with the fact that when people of my parents generation moved to England, they came out of economic need. Back 'home', there were daily struggles for many with basic day to day needs, but families stayed close together, and made the most of what little they had. When food, clothing and shelter are not guaranteed, there is no time to reflect on emotional needs. Navel gazing would not fill anyone's stomach, and survival depended on hard work. It's no wonder then that there is surprise and confusion, when everything is available and provided for, yet people talk of feeling worried, or low in mood. This is a concern, because we cannot seek appropriate help for problems until we recognise there is a need.

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