Should You Drink Milk to Grow Taller? - Foods That Help You Gain Height

  • Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 10:11am
    This grape like berry, which originates in Amazon rain forest, is popular among the people in South America due to its highest level of antioxidant known as anthocyanins. As the scientists explain, juice made up of freeze-dried berries is the best means of taking the right amount of essential nutrients in the body. Fresh berry enjoys the ORAC value of 5,500 units in every 100 grams. As we test 100 grams units of various other fruits in this regard, the chart goes quite low - 218 ORAC value for apples, 221 ORAC value for bananas & 2,400 ORAC value for the blue berries. The freeze-dried acai berry enjoys 50,000 ORAC units for every 100 grams. Now if we compare Acai's ORAC value with red wine grapes, it is almost 6 - 10 times. In fact, the anthocyanins found in this berry are 30 times more than red wine. Hence truth has been reveled that Acai berry has more antioxidants which keeps you fit and young. However, Increase in the intake of raw fruits & vegetables in your diet helps you keep fit, fine & young. The day-to-day food products that are rich in anti oxidants are ground cinnamon, pecans, red kidney beans, blue berries, etc. So you want to lose weight? There are a lot of way how to do it. You can do a lot of exercise or start avoiding fast food. Fast food with its harmful fats, chemicals and preservatives just gives you a lot of reasons to say no to it. Start avoiding refined foods such as sugar and enriched products like whet flour, white rice, white bread, pasta or whole grain. These foods have no nutritional value. Think positive. Be committed and make the necessary lifestyle and dietary adjustments. Such a lifestyle change would definitely come from having the right diet. There are a lot of diets to choose from. There is the Atkins diet, the blood group diet, detox diet, low carb diets and the South Beach diet. There are still more diets out here to choose from but what we are going to talk abut here is the raw food diet. But before we come to the topic, we must first clear some terms. A vegetarian is person who practices a diet that excludes meat, fish and poultry. There are also who do not eat eggs,dairy products and honey. A vegan is a diet and also a lifestyle that excludes food, clothing and other uses that come from animals. Vegans are usually advocates for animal rights and the environment. Between a vegetarian and a vegan, a vegan is more strict in following its diet and lifestyle.

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