Treating Whiplash the Chiropractic Way

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 7:38am
    For now though the most recent, effective, FDA approved and Medicare reimbursable Joint N 11 pain management device is the combined tens and interferential treatment device. Tens provides sensory relief only if the interferential carryover pain relief period has not extended long enough for the patient. It appears initially a patient can self treat and the carryover pain relief period may be for short durations. Over time the carryover is extended with an eventual goal of weekly or monthly treatments. This is far more desirable for the pain patient than having to wear the unit and treat constantly as one does with a simple tens unit. Interferential therapy's main strength is the new ability to self treat with a portable device and achieve the pain relief treatment that has been enjoyed for decades outside the clinic or hospital. It appears interferential is changing the concept of treatment options for the often overlooked and under treated chronic pain patient.

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