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  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 9:56am
    I was immediately spotted by a Heart Attack Defense nurse on duty having gone into the crowded waiting area I presume to call her next patient she called for assistance and a wheel chair. Within a few short minutes I was installed on a gurney stripped to the waist with wires attached to an Electro Cardiogram, not being the kind of person to stay still I sneaked a preview of the ECG printout, something that I can only describe as a 9 on the Richter scale, certainly nothing normal about what I was seeing and definitely confirming that my suspicions were right, I was having a HEART ATTACK. The needle having been fitted and the drip attached along with a relaxing shot of Morphine I began to calm, even to the point when the Dr broke the news I already new. To me HAVING A HEART ATTACK was it, THE END, at no point did it even enter my head that I would live, and as far as I was concerned I was going to DIE. Being prepped for the theatre as the Dr was speaking brought hope as he explained the specialist had been sent for to operate. Thoughts of having my chest ripped open and major surgery didn't seem to panic me, possibly because of the Morphine or possibly because of thinking maybe I had a chance. Having being shaved in a matter of seconds in my neither regions my right forearm and wrist puzzled me, Not wanting to boast but I do have a manly chest, quite hairy in fact even though at the time quite overweight. Why hadn't that been shaved? Less than five minutes gave me the answer, laid out on the operating table surrounded by several medically equipped men and woman in gowns masks and gloves the procedure was underway. A small incision was made in the artery on my right wrist and as I watched on the many screens just up to my left I could see the thin wire type implement enter into the picture, strange sensations were apparent as things seem to pass through the arteries on the way to my still beating heart, along with a kind of heat or burning sensation, within 10 minutes of the procedure the Dr informed me he had found the problem, now I'm not medically minded nor familiar with what was going on but he kept me informed as to what was going on, even to the point of asking me if it was OK to fit a stent after he had re-inflated the offending blocked or collapsed artery.

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