Think You're Heart Healthy?

  • Sat 18th May 2019 - 8:12am
    Natural ways to reduce cholesterol work better because they address the Heart Attack Defense problem at its source. Foods that contain high amounts of fiber are essential for lowering cholesterol levels. This is because cholesterol has been shown to attach itself to fiber in the intestines so that it gets eliminated from the body before it has a chance to be absorbed. These foods also contain naturally occurring substances called plant sterols. Sterols are found in all plants and have a chemical design that mimics cholesterol in the body. Most researchers believe that sterols keep cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream because of this. So you can see that the #1 way to naturally lower cholesterol is by using foods such as vegetables and fruit. They work to both eliminate cholesterol from the body and block its absorption into the bloodstream. Some other natural ways to reduce cholesterol include cholesterol lowering supplements and exercise.

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