Herbal Supplements and Weight Loss

  • Sat 25th May 2019 - 5:29am
    You would not believe the food which I have liquidised, the Ketogenic Accelerator Review food which I have pulverised into a liquid mess and poured down my throat. Everything from eggs to apples, meat to bread and just about everything else you can ever think. One thing I know now, everything seems to taste the same in a liquid form and believe me it is not nice. Oh, and your breath, oh, that is another thing for another day. I have tried every fruit known to man because the vast majority of fruit is made up of water and should be the easiest thing to help me lose weight. However, the more water I drink, the large my stomach becomes, the hungrier I become and while I am losing weight rushing backwards and forwards from the toilet surely this is not how it was meant to be... or is it?

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