Thoughts of Work

  • Wed 29th May 2019 - 6:01am
    We use relational proof in our daily lives without even 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review realizing it. When we read or listen to the news, we basically accept what we read or hear as true. We would hardly ever go about demanding evidence for what we see, hear or read on the news. In the same way, we may find in our opinion, that a certain store sells the best items or a certain place offers the best service. All this falls under relational proof. This is an important aspect of Christian Apologetics because it aids in the discovery of many important truths in Christianity and the Bible. Mind Manipulation and mind control began when Satan coerced one third of the angels to rebel against God. Angels are extremely intelligent and powerful beings, so we can only imagine what mind altering methods Satan used to get the other angels to do this.

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