How Do You Feel About Owning a Dog That Constantly Barks?

  • Fri 12th Jul 2019 - 7:47am
    When you first got your puppy it was theDoggy Dans Online Dog Trainer best feeling ever RIGHT! But the months have now past and instead of having that initial feeling about your dog, because of the constant barking you are at the end of your patience.Not only are your dogs barking having a strain on your family life but it is also putting a heavy strain with the relationship with your neighbours.No matter what you try to do to understand what the problem maybe with your dog and the reasons behind the constant barking, you know that when you are out your dog does not stop barking and you also know that your neighbours are pulling their hair out because they cannot get any piece and quiet.You hate having to take your dog out for a walk because you know that all he is going to do is bark at anything. And know this, your dog knows that you are stressed about this situation and because your are stressed without you knowing it you are making the dog stressed even more and guess what, that's right he is going to bark some more for you.Sometimes you wonder how your dog can bark for so long without his voice box becoming sore. There is a way to stop this ruining your relationship with your best friend; you just need to be taught the right training techniques.What you need to understand is that your dog is barking for a reason and most of the time it is for attention. Your pet is trying to communicate with someone to let them know their feelings and all they want is for someone to take notice and understand them.Most of the time the reason behind your dogs continual barking is that they are fed up or bored, they need some stimulation in their life. If your dog has no variation in its life and they are doing the same thing every day this will not stimulate their mind or brain, so this leads to your dog becoming anxious so what he decides to do is to let of some steam and he does this by barking.

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