Online Dating Tips - Why is He Ignoring Me Lately?

  • Mon 24th Sep 2018 - 11:53am
    The dating game can get a little complicated when either man or woman starts playing hard to get. But if a guy you like is suddenly playing hard to get and wants more attention form you here is how you can deal with it. If your guy is playing hard to get then you cannot afford to Messages Of Obsession Review seem over eager. So, learn to create a bit of polite distance if your man plays hard to get. This distance will make you look interested but definitely not like you are dying for his attention. You need to make a man see that you are a confident and independent woman with little patience and time for these juvenile tricks. Show him that being successful in dating has got all to do with your approach and not about availability. People really don't have time to waste. Make him see that you are worth his time and he should drop this act.

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