8 Benefits of Racehorse Ownership

  • Wed 10th Oct 2018 - 9:45am
    Many people will not play maiden horse races because they Dominador De Loteria feel that the horses are too unpredictable or that there is too little information available. That is the case in some contests for horses who have never won a race, but not for all of them. There are some races for young horses that are yet to find the winners circle that are good prospects for horse players. The key is in eliminating contests with too many unknowns and to focus on races where the youngsters have shown their true colors. Therefore, one of the first rules for finding playable maiden events is to skip any event with more than two first time starters. If a horse hasn't had a race, it is hard to tell how it will fare, but using sire statistics and trainer statistics as well as the figures from any workouts that are posted, it is possible to evaluate the first timers enough to make some assumptions.

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