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  • Thu 6th Dec 2018 - 12:22pm
    A prolapsed uterus is a condition where a uterus of a woman falls down into the vagina due to the weaken muscle of the pelvic floor. The main cause of this condition is vaginal delivery as when women give a birth to a child she puts a high force on her pelvic floor that can damage or weaken its muscles. However, despite this reason, there are a lot more reasons that can cause the condition.A prolapsed uterus is a very painful condition and can badly affect your daily life. Women who have this problem tend to feel depressed due to high pain. It is recommended to take a proper treatment on time to avoid heavy pain. There are many kinds of treatment available in the market and the most common treatment, which is widely accepted by the women, is Ayurvedic treatment. This treatment has the power to provide you the permanent solution from the condition. Now let us understand the reason that cause the condition.

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