The Real Secret of Success

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 5:51am
    My grandfather is a master gardener. At 92, he still prepares the ground, plants,Hypnosis Live Review weeds, waters, and harvests. He knows when to plant certain seeds for optimal growth. He knows what pests will destroy what plants. He knows when to water and he knows when to harvest. Each seed is different. Our thoughts are just like seeds in a garden. There are all different kinds and they need to be planted at different times. Some take longer to grow, others have a short gestation. This is the Law of the Harvest or Law of Gender and Gestation. Gender implies that each seed is a different kind-but will reproduce the same kind it is. Gestation implies that there is a time frame involved, much like a mother expecting a child. We know approximately when a baby will be due, but it comes on the day it is ready. When you think about your thoughts as seeds, imagine them being planted and needing time to grow and mature. Some only need a short time to develop, others will need more time. Good and positive thoughts will produce good and positive food. Negative and bad thoughts will produce negative and bad food. For example, how many times have you eaten something and thought, "This is going to make me fat?" You have just planted a seed that will produce that thought. Have you ever been told or told a child, "put on your coat or you will get sick!" What seed did you just plant? The reality is that they will get cold, but they don't HAVE to get sick. Cold does not cause sickness. Have you ever planted a dream seed? Have you pictured the job you want, the house, the car, the spouse? Have you looked around to see what seeds you have planted?

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