3 Important Considerations For a Child's Dose of Omega Three Revealed

  • Fri 11th Jan 2019 - 11:55am
    We now have regular meals; we always have breakfast together Gaia’s Protocol Review as I know that kids who eat in the morning do better at school. Dinner is served at approximately the same time every evening and this is really comforting as we all seem to have more appetite. As children always prefer foods they find appealing, I strive to prepare healthy dishes that look attractive. He is allowed to have some of his favourites from time to time and he never says he wouldn't eat what is served. Whenever possible, we go shopping together and thus I can teach him about nutritional values of different foods and he now reads every label if he isn't sure about something. A few months ago he refused to eat any meat and now he can't wait to have all kinds. He even suggests what kind of meat he'd like to eat. I am so grateful for this as meat provides many micronutrients that a growing body needs, including vitamin B12, zinc, calcium, vitamin A and iron. Moreover, a recent study clearly demonstrated that children who eat meat develop more muscle mass and get high scores on mental testing. I am totally against vegan and vegetarian diets as they deny children precisely of these nutrients. All sensible specialists say children should eat all kinds of meat, as long as it is fresh, lean and cooked in a healthy way. In fact, adults shouldn't become vegetarians or vegans unless they are over 40 and in good shape. What we eat has an undeniable impact on our physical and mental well being so don't be afraid to give your children meat, even in infancy. If you prepare it correctly, your kids will benefit from all its indisputable properties. Get informed, find a professional butchery that provides quality organic meat and start cooking!

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